post message

Post messages are text-based messages intended for a public or private audience. They are what you normally see on feeds from social networks and make most of the meaningful interaction in Secure Scuttlebutt at the moment.

What does it look like?

  "key": "%gZIjLirxZKxCMmcsoud/bC0pL68UeB+Yuz+4re67TNk=.sha256",
  "value": {
    "previous": "%X8PLQuBhdUA+WF5VANRfG5iAKMNAeBXxlAtd9SKDAtM=.sha256",
    "sequence": 251,
    "author": "@qv10rF4IsmxRZb7g5ekJ33EakYBpdrmV/vtP1ij5BS4=.ed25519",
    "timestamp": 1560279840471,
    "hash": "sha256",
    "content": {
      "type": "post",
      "text": "YES WE CAN! :heart: :smiley_cat:",
      "root": "%Yx6/snCfur1NHd9fov8H359DfqTyncxuh93uZKnLQI8=.sha256",
      "branch": "%X8PLQuBhdUA+WF5VANRfG5iAKMNAeBXxlAtd9SKDAtM=.sha256",
      "channel": "patchfox"
    "signature": "nP2guRVtAJrvJpmcwG/K+mn4JgNANkK19+aiw+Y/Dn6axBBDB3sGfXKq/cXvrzurW1TB1yszzZebDrk3j+UBBA==.sig.ed25519"
  "timestamp": 1560279840471.001,
  "rts": 1560279840471

These messages have a lot of fields. Lets go through the most important ones:

There are other optional fields such as: