gathering message

messages of type gathering are used to create events. They’re analogous to Facebook events if you’re familiar with those.

A gathering message looks like:

    "author": "@GF214rVSdwf/nARy7oDh+AxJViVCGfKqw+aa162itZY=.ed25519",
    "content": {
        "type": "gathering"
    "hash": "sha256",
    "previous": "%CExarKlCQwiC2FHodXzJzYQyOFWperqRifMakqT5o/w=.sha256",
    "sequence": 14,
    "signature": "Q9I0YNyOKrFhQ8/crZqcC7mhIAtlgbgEXPpvG3GcIES7KCOfoZfS0MfpjTHb4rmIMMvzwaouA4oHxUTlyID9Dg==.sig.ed25519",
    "timestamp": 1513623739118

It looks a bit empty right? That is because the clients use about messages to fill in the details about the event.