bookclub message

Book club messages are used to create new books.

A book club message looks like:

  "type": "bookclub",
  "title": "A Prehistory of the Cloud",
  "authors": "Tung Hui-Hu",
  "description": "A radical collage of internet history.  Traces the origins of \"the cloud\" as an idea and as a force in the world today.  Tung Hui-Hu is a network engineer and English professor, and so the history draws equally from computing and railroads and victorian sewers and 1970's countercultural performance artists.  A powerful, pleasantly short read!",
  "image": {
    "link": "&Qf54gh2QQGhYjC+L1/asC9qEpYeBN76LCwauZmjgioM=.sha256",
    "name": "prehistory-of-the-cloud.jpg",
    "size": 26228,
    "type": "image/jpeg"

Book club features were built to provide SSB users a convenient way to organise and review books. In this way, it provides the groundwork for experiences similar to book review services such as Goodreads and BookWyrm.

You can read more about book club schemas in the scuttle-book documentation.